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Expanded glass beads

Expanded glass beads

Expanded Glass Beads are produced from natural opal-cristobalite rocks using a unique technology. A unique feature of the material is a combination of the most desirable properties in the production of composite components for a wide variety of market sectors: engineering, construction, municipal service, energy, oil and gas, etc.
It meets the highest quality requirements and provides outstanding features, which has no other product in this variety. Expanded glass beads is 100 % mineral and combines low density with a high compressive strength. In addition to its very good thermal and sound insulating properties, it is also resistant to moisture, fire, chemicals and aging – a true “all-rounder”. This combination of positive properties is providing many advantages and making Expanded Glass Beads suitable for different industries.
Expanded glass beads (also referred to as cellular glass or foam glass) is a heat-insulating material consisting of sealed glass bubbles, which do not communicate with each other. Foam glass has a closed-cell structure, which ensures steam-proofness and water resistance. The ability of silicate glass to be melted or (in the presence of a foaming agent) to be foamed at temperatures of about 1,000 ° C is used in the manufacture of foam glass. As viscosity increases during the cooling of the molten foam glass to room temperature, the resulting foam acquires significant mechanical strength.The structure resembles solid soapsuds. The cells have spherical or hexagonal shape; their size can vary from fractions of millimeters to centimeters. Like any glass, foam glass is insoluble in water, stable to the majority of acids and organic solvents, and can withstand high temperatures. Principal unique properties of foam glass as compared to conventional thermal insulation materials include low thermal conductivity, high strength,  ease of processing and installation, environmental safety, and durability.Foam glass has the following thermo-physical and performance properties:

  • Absolute incombustibility: Expanded Glass Beads does not burn or ignite even in the presence of supplied oxygen;
  • Low density of 190 kg/m minimum;
  • Thermal conductivity of 0.05-0.08 W/(m·K);
  • Light weight and high strength;
  • High thermal insulation performance;
  • High sound insulation performance;
  • Exceptional durability: Guaranteed service life of Expanded Glass Beads – over 100 years;
  • Good moisture resistance and waterproofness;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments, including acids;
  • Resistance to pests and rodents;
  • Environmentally friendly material (does not contain adhesive components such as mineral wool);
  • Is not subject to destruction during the Winter-Summer cycle.

Below are the main applications of expanded glass beads:

                                           Oilfield                                                                                                               Thermal insolation 

Application of Expanded Glass Beads in Oilfield                                Application Expanded Glass beads in Thermal insulation

                               Construction and Decor                                                                                  Textured Paints and Wallpaper

Application of Expanded Glass Beads in Construction                                             Application of Expanded Glass Beads in Paints

                               Lightweight Concrete                                                                                                     Dry Mortar

Application of Expanded Glass Beads in Lightweight concrete                                              Application of Expanded Glass Beads in dry mortar       

                     Lightweight Panels                                                                                                               Carriage and Automotive

Application of Expanded Glass Beads in lightweight panels                                         Expanded Glass Beads in car building




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