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Lightweight cement

Lightweight Cement Additive – Expanded Glass Beads in Lightweight cement

GB-1 Expanded Glass beads is an excellent lightweight aggregate (Lightweight Cement Additive ) for concrete applications as it offers a lower density while increasing the overall yield. This makes it a great building material for not only new projects but for renovation and restoration work, where it is important to minimize the structural loads. For precast applications, lightweight concrete also provides cost savings for handling and transportation; as you will be able to ship more units and it is easier to handle on site. In addition, lightweight concrete is non-combustible, sound absorbing and very economical. With GB-1 expanded glass, lightweight concrete is a pure mineral and ecological building product that can be easily recycled when required.


Expanded Glass Beads is lightweight cement additive


For weight reduction, GB-1 replaces solid, heavy aggregates for lightweight concrete applications such as architectural precast construction, precast stairs, precast wall panels or bathroom modules. Depending on the formulation the strength of normal concrete according to DIN 1045 can be achieved. The reduced weight allows easy transport and results in freight cost savings.

lightweight cement additive


The lower the density, the better the heat insulation – therefore Poraver’s porous grain structure creates the best thermal values. Poraver® is perfectly suitable for lightweight concrete blocks as well as monolithic or clamshell prefab wall systems. The lower weight allows a cost-reduced handling and shorter construction times

Concretes with GB-1 persuade with low weight, frost resistance, water resistance and durability. Especially the combination of low density and high grain compressive strength makes GB-1 the ideal lightweight aggregate for architectural concrete, fiber reinforced concrete or laminate/textile concrete.




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