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Buffer composition OIL-Cleaner-30®

Buffer composition OIL-Cleaner-30® 


A mixed product based on surfactantsof various natures.


  • Effectively prepares the borehole forsuccessful cementing of casing strings;
  • Actively washes away the filtrationcrust formed by hydrocarbon-based drillingfluids.


Appearancetransparent liquid, from colorless to light yellow
Density, g/cm30.8-0.95
Solidification temperature, °Cnot higher than -5
Washing capacity (with
respect to components of a
hydrocarbon-based solution)
not less than 80%


It is intended for use in the oil and gas industry in the processes of well constructionand repair as a basis for the preparation of a low-viscosity water-based buffer liquid.

The buffer liquid prepared on the basis of the OIL-Cleaner-30@ composition hasa high washing capacity, which makes it possible to effectively prepare the borehole forcementing casing strings drilled on various drilling fluids.

This washing composition allows to improve the quality of adhesion of cementstone to the rock and casing by destroying and removing the clay crust.




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