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Application SynAsphalt in road surfaces

Application synthetic asphalt in road surfaces

Chemical and physical properties synthetic asphalt and asphalt modified synthetic asphalt (gilsonite).

Synthetic asphalt (gilsonite)e consists of high oligomericheskih polar polycyclic hydrocarbons. Due to the unique structure of the asphaltenes, synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) may significantly improve the quality of the bituminous binder even when adding a very small amount. Being a natural asphalt, synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) easily dissolved in the asphalt to form a homogenous fully sustainable binder. However, for this to happen, it is necessary that the product has been introduced at temperatures above the softening point synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) at 10-20 ° C (18-36 ° F), and to provide intensive stirring mixture to prevent settling synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) before it dissolves. For more information on this topic is presented in our brochure “Recycling gilsonite the asphalt.”

Composition and performance asphalts modified synthetic asphalt (gilsonite)

Synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) modified asphalts tend to exhibit significantly better high temperature properties. Due to the fact that the addition of synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) changes the ratio of oil and asphaltenes, it may adversely affect the properties of the low and medium temperatures. However, in accordance with data obtained in our study, when using a conventional asphalt modifier 1-4% natural balance of the various components of asphalt retained.

The degree of viscosity and depth of penetration of the asphalt

As previously mentioned, synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) may significantly improve the high temperature properties of bituminous binders. Synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) increases the softening point by ring and ball Metolit and absolute viscosity and reduces the penetration rates of asphalt binders without impurities and modified asphalt. Consequently, it also increases the high temperature stiffness and reduces the phase angle of the asphalt base.

Training and preparation of hot mix asphalt, modified synthetic asphalt (gilsonite)

  • To add the synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) – simple. Synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) is added either in hot melt bags or by using a screw conveyor for feeding the mixer synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) or mixing drum installation for hot mix asphalt. This ensures minimal interruption of the production cycle.
  • Synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) fits well and is fully compatible with other components of the hot mix asphalt, so the use of synthetic asphalt (gilsonite) has virtually no influence on the process of paving, as there is no need for any special equipment.




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