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Company Profile

BPN International is manufacturer of drilling additive

Based on the years of experience working with the largest manufacturers of chemical raw materials, the company BPN International (manufacturer of drilling additive) for more than 10 years has been a reliable partner on the Russian domestic market of the oil and gas service companies. Both Russian companies and Russian subsidiaries of international companies rely on us in meeting their requirements. Initially, the company’s priority has been the saturation of the Russian market with the best overseas solutions offered by the chemical industry for the oil and gas industry.

The raw materials offered by us had been intended for use in the oil and gas industry only; however over time other industries have come to appreciate our project line. The result of our research in the application of bulk materials prompted us to use the Russian developments relating to some of these materials. The company has a team of young professionals who are have been able to develop and implement on the local market the manufacture of reagents including stabilizers for drilling and chemical additives for well cementing. Most of the products for the oil and gas industry are manufactured in a location near Moscow; they are shipped both to domestic clients using road transport and rail transport, as well as to overseas markets in sea (ocean) containers.

Since 2012 the company has established cooperation and has modernized production of inert granular materials in Perm. In 2015, it invested in a warehouse for storage reservoir, and a waste deposit of the natural material called microsphere. The company ensured its consumption on the Russian (Novosibirsk) and international markets.

During the past last 5 years the company has carried out scientific tests of raw materials for various industries, it has established its own formulations using the resources of its R&D center in Perm; it has also developed formulations for the production of synthetic asphalt which is similar to the natural material in terms of its properties.

BPN-International today is a thriving and young scientific and production company that is committed to operating on international markets providing quality Russian raw materials for various industries.




Working time: 10:00-18:00 (GMT +3)

web: https://bpn-international.com
email: info@bpn-international.com


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