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The material is carbon-containing

The material is carbon-containing

It is used for carburizing synthetic cast iron, in the process of finishing steel in ladle furnace units, in the production of carbide for hard alloys and in other processes.

In agreement with the consumer, other fractional compositions of crushed graphite are possible.

The carburizers of BPN International LLC are supplied in polypropylene containers of the big-beg type, with a polyethylene moisture-proof liner, with a volume of 1 m3, an average weight from 700 to 1300 kg per container. By agreement with the Customer, packaging in kraft paper bags of 25 = 30 kg is possible.

NameFractionCarbon Ash Sulphur Moisture
МС-900-0,5mmNLT 90% NMT 10% NMT 0,05% NMT 1%
МС-990-0,2mmNLT 99%NMT 1%NMT 0,5%NMT 1%
МС-990-1mmNLT 99%NMT 1%NMT 0,5%NMT 1%
МС-800-25mmNLT 80%NMT 20%NMT 0,5%NMT 1%
МС-950-0,2mmNLT 95%NMT 5%NMT 0,5%NMT 1%




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