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Management & Organization

Management & Organization

BPN International is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The main tasks of the central office include financial support of the company (manufacturing and trading operations), cargo consolidation at our own warehouse. The company has more than 30 staff employees, and 20 to 100 support contractors and project-based contractors. The company has a strong vertical management structure beginning with its Board of Directors, its Logistics and Purchasing Department, Sales Department, Finance Department, Foreign Trade Department, and its management team.

In 2012, for the convenience of sending and receiving imported goods, the company opened a branch in St. Petersburg. Solving important problems in the legal- and customs respects to ensure timely dispatch of goods, the branch efficiently resolves all the logistical problems. The branch is located near the city center, in the vicinity of the port and the bonded warehouse (a terminal for acceptance of railway cargoes and cargo reloading into ocean containers).

By extending its activities in the oil and gas industry BPN-International has become a co-investor in a number of commodities related businesses; it has built a reputation of a reliable partner and a contract manufacturer of a variety of finished products.

Back in 2012 the company launched cooperation and upgraded its production facilities which meet all the requirements of international standards, with local production sites in the cities of  Novozybkov, Perm, and Novosibirsk, in order to export the Russian raw materials (including Drilling Chemistry) .

BPN-International has been working closely with South-East Asian markets for more than 10 years. The company’s management therefore decided to open its branch in Beijing, China’s capital city. In China, the company’s tasks mostly relate with importing of goods to Russia. The office is located downtown. The office staff includes the director, international sales managers, and logistics specialists.

Today, the company strives to enter the markets of Latin America, the Middle East, Central- and South African countries, Australia. The company is planning to set up its branches in these countries in the near future.




Working time: 10:00-18:00 (GMT +3)

web: https://bpn-international.com
email: info@bpn-international.com


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