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Sulfex AM®

SULFEX AM®- clay inhibitor, shale stabilizerSulfex AM® – Clay stabilizer

“SULFEX AM®” (clay stabilizer, shale inhibitor) is a multifunctional reagent designed to treat drilling fluids while drilling wells in difficult mining and geological conditions, including horizontal and directional drilling, in order to prevent hydration and destruction of shale and enrichment of the drill cuttings.

Reagent “SULFEX AM®” is recommended to be used in low-clay and clay-free drilling fluids, including fresh, mineralized and weighted.


Technological and economic advantages when using reagent SULFEX AM® – clay stabilizer:

– Drilling mud with SULFEX AM® has a high inhibitory ability;

– application of SULFEX AM® in a biopolymer non-clay solution reduces the biopolymer consumption by 25-30%;

– SULFEX AM® reduces the filtration of drilling fluids, which allows reducing the consumption of reagents – fluid loss reducers;

– improves the lubricating properties of the solution;

– has a flocculating effect on the cuttings;

– protects high-molecular components of drilling mud from thermal destruction;

-use of SULFEX AM® does not distort the results of geophysical studies;

– Deep penetration of SULFEX AM® into the formation is excluded, and thus a violation of its reservoir properties;

– SULFEX AM® improves the quality of cement cement bond with casing and well wall.

Application of reagent SULFEX AM® – clay stabilizer.

It is recommended to introduce into the drilling mud in the form of 5 – 10% aqueous solution.
SULFEX AM® when dissolved in water forms a three-dimensional spatial structure, It prevents deep penetration of the mud filtrate into the reservoir and resistant to divalent metal ions.
The amount of the additive  SULFEX AM® in the drilling mud can be from 0.25 to 7.0% (in depending on the purpose of the application).

Application of the reagent  SULFEX AM® in clay-free drilling fluids.

When using the reagent  SULFEX AM® to increase the inhibitory ability of clay-free biopolymer drilling mud, it is necessary to add 20-30 kg / m3.




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