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FGDG is fine—grained durable graphite

FGDG is fine—grained durable graphite

Artificial graphite of grades FGDG-6, 7 are high-strength thermally resistant materials based on coke-pitch compositions with a density from 1.65 to 1.85 g/cm3.

FGDG products can operate in a vacuum up to 2000 ° C, in a protective atmosphere up to 2500 ° C, and also in oily media.

It is used for the manufacture of technical equipment and containers for the production of semiconductor materials, crystallizers for casting non-ferrous metals, electrode tools used in the electric pulse processing of dies of molds made of various steels, crucibles, plates, discs, vacuum heaters, high-frequency and other electric furnaces and in other fields of technology at high temperatures.




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