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Bentonite for HDD

Modified sodium bentonite for HDD

The product is a special mixture of sodium bentonite and polymers, for HDD operations. It provides a rapid increase of rheological parameters (viscosity, solids-removal capacity), maintainance of the wellbore wall stability, reduction of fluid loss into the soil.

The use of Modified sodium bentonite ensures:

• Viscosity growth;

• Effective solids-removal capacity;

• Loss control, well stability;

• Effective lubricity.


• Short tempering time;

• Increased lubricity to reduce traction pull;

• Low sand content.


Appearance:Yellow, light brown powder
Density, g/cm3:2.6

Properties of 2.5 % (25 kg/m3) fresh-water water suspended mixture (hardness up to 80 mg/L):

• Funnel viscosity (sec/quart), at least 45 sec

• YP (yield point), at least 15

Packaging: 25 kg bags, 40 pcs. per pallet.

Recommended concentrations:

Clay / loam: 15-20 kg/m3

Sand clay / sand: 20-25 kg/m3

Coarse sand: 25-35 kg/m3

Pebble stone: 35-40 kg/m3





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