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Achievements in Russia

Achievements in Russia

BPN-International was opened in St. Petersburg in 2011 under the management of a private investment company in Moscow. The company specializes in providing integrated natural resources of the Russian market with a strong focus on the chemistry of the oil and gas industry fishing (Drilling Chemistry from Russia).

Drilling Chemistry from Russia

In 2015, a line of products was started at the facilities а the Perm Oil and Gas Institute. It was designed specifically for the Russian market in the field of well cementing. BPN-International became a shareholder of a workshop and laboratory units in Perm for the production of cement and for the development of solutions in the industry. With our own laboratory, our experts have developed a range of products, both on the basis of own raw materials, and in close cooperation with the leading factories of Southeast Asia.

Having done a lot of work to develop our own formulation line and to find efficient  solutions in the plug-back area of the oil-and-gas industry (Drilling Chemistry from Russia), experts of our company are especially proud of some of the developments, and are always ready to provide advice to their overseas partners for the selection and identification of effective products.

We offer you a list of products designed specifically for the Russian market:

Drilling Chemistry from Russia - Expansive agent «DRS»
Expansive agent «DPA» - Drilling Chemistry from Russia
Drilling Chemistry from Russia - «BCM Fibro».
«Plastek» (liquid) - Drilling Chemistry from Russia
silicate - Drilling Chemistry from Russia
«РОК» - Drilling Chemistry from Russia

Expansive agent DRS / Additive to improve strength and adhesion

Expansive additive to cement and cement slurries for normal and moderate temperatures


Expansive agent DPA / additive to improve strength and adhesion

Hardening and adhesion improver additive to cement and cement slurry


Reinforcing additive BCM Fibro

Reinforcing additive for cement and cement slurry. Synthetic fiber; 5 to 11 mm long


Plasticizer Plastek (liquid)

Plasticizing agents for cement and cement slurry


Lightweight Silikat

A water-retaining lightweight for cement slurries.


Lightweight РОК

An ultrafine lightweight for cement slurries.




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