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Construction and decor

Expanded Glass beads – Lightweight Aggregate in Construction and Decor

Lightweight Aggregate – Expanded Glass Beads is a completely inorganic insulating material subjected to heat-treatment at 700-800 °C. It neither burns nor sustains combustion, and belongs to the group of non-combustible materials. Its fire rating in terms of the loss of insulating capacity at thicknesses of 40, 80, and 100 mm is 30, 45, and 60 minutes, respectively.

Therefore, this material can significantly reduce the risk of fire in buildings and facilities where it is used as insulation, inhibiting flame propagation in case of fire, and thereby providing a significant damage reduction.

Foam glass (Lightweight Aggregate) is a unique material with a density of 190-600 kg/m3 consisting of multiple glass cells, which does not lose buoyancy even if a portion of the cells are destroyed. This material can be used for simultaneous hydro and thermal insulation (roofs, parking lots, ramps, etc.), and to create floating structures for various applications. Vapor-permeable foam glass can be used to build enclosures ensuring a comfortable indoor environment.

Expanded Glass Beads (Lightweight Aggregate) provide vapor and hydro insulation of any surfaces.
Foam glass is a rigid and non-shrinking material due to its cellular structure, and glass properties. Its ultimate compression strength depends on material density and varies within the range of 5 to 75 kg/cm2. In addition, Expanded Glass Beads are easy to handle facilitating creation of any shape.

Below are the main applications of expanded glass beads ( Lightweight Aggregate) in construction and decor:

Thermal insolation

Lightweight cement

Dry Mortar

Lightweight panels

Textured paints and wallpaper

Lighteight aggregate - Expanded Glass Beads

Application of Expanded Glass Beads (lightweight aggregate) in Construction

Lightweight Aggregate in paints




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