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Lightweight panels

Expanded Glass granulate in Lightweight panels

Expanded Glass Beads (granulate) GB-1 is the preferred lightweight aggregate for a wide range of panels and boards. Its low weight, high rigidity and easy processing have made acoustic boards, lightweight panels and facade carrier boards with Expanded Glass granulate GB-1 very popular. Additional distinctive advantages include the insensitivity of Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 to heat and cold and the positive moisture-regulating properties.


  • cost reduction (savings in binder)
  • weight reduction
  • non-combustible
  • thermal insulation
  • sound absorption
  • easy to cut and fasten


Below are the main applications of expanded glass granulate in lightweight panels:


The porous structure of acoustic panels with Expanded Glass Granulate offers excellent sound absorption. This allows smooth and jointless surfaces because no extra sound apertures are required as with conventional systems. Various innovative panel systems with Expanded Glass Granulate have been developed for walls and ceilings. They combine sound insulation and air conditioning with non-combustible properties and a seamless appearance. Applications include offices, conference rooms, schools, exhibition and concert halls.

Application oа Expanded Glass Granulate in Panels

Expanded Glass Granulate in Panels


Due to its resistance to heat, cold and humidity  expanded glass granulate is also ideal for carrier boards in lightweight, ventilated rainscreen cladding systems. These carrier boards are suitable for glass, stone or render finishes and provide excellent weather protection, impact resistance and can even be used to form tight curves. Such systems allow renovation and redesign with ease.


Expanded glass granulate provides high compressive strength, resistance to cold and humidity and is non-combustible. Consequently, Expanded gllass beads is used in boards and panels for both commercial and residential interiors. Thanks to their low weight, optimized stability and easy handling, lightweight boards with Expnded glass beads are popular among craftsmen. The boards are comfortable to handle and easy to cut and fasten like wood.

Expanded Glass Granulate in Fire Resistant boards


Expanded glass granulate  is pure glass and therefore non-combustible and releases no harmful gases when heat is applied. Expanded glass granulate is ideal for mineral bonded fire resistant boards for wall, ceiling and facade construction. The advantage of fire safety, high flexural strength and high wear resistance in combination with weight reduction opens up a wide spectrum of opportunities for fire resistant applications.




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