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Liquid Gilsonite “Giltex®”

Liquid Gilsonite “Giltex®”

Liquid Gilsonite

Liquid Gilsonite Giltex® is liquid additive for drilling fluid is formulated to maintain stability borehole and seal to bridge the pores and micro-fractures and to create an effective barrier that prevents destabilizing pressure transmission into the shale.

Giltex® is compatible with most water-based drilling fluids. Due to the liquid nature of the product, it disperses easily into the mud system, even if added in high concentrations.

Giltex® is thermally stable above 400°F (204°C).


  • improves shale stability;
  • helps to strengthen the borehole walls;
  • helps bridge pores, microfractures and permeable zones;
  • lowers HTHP fluid loss;
  • helps improve filter cake quality and decreaserock sticking tendencies to the bit.


  • stable at high temperature;
  • applicable in most water-based drilling fluids;
  • helps improve dynamic and static fluid loss properties.




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