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Expanded Glass Beads in Paints

Foam Glass (Expanded Glass Beads) in Textured paints and wallpaper

The addition of fine-grained foam glass to paints imparts a granulated structure to walls and facilitates their application due to the spherical shape of the grains.

The precise grain size distribution of the foam glass filler provides excellent predictable results after drying.

The thermal insulation properties and strength of granulated foam glass facilitates its application as a filler in special mastics.

Wallpapers can be refined with white or coloured GB-1 grains to produce striking surfaces. The purely mineral GB-1 granulate adheres well, is VOC-free and is delivered in a quality that contains no broken grain.


  • The purely mineral Expanded glass beads GB-1 is VOC-free, free of broken grains and adheres very well in combination with suitable binder. The spherical beads allowing a very easy application (ball bearing effect).
  • Spherical, lightweight and stable grain sizes are perfectly suited for permanent and unique surface structure
  • Excellent mixing of the grains into the binder matrix (no crumbling with suitable binder)
  • Easy and fast application by brushing

Application of Expanded Glass Beads (Foam glass) in Paints

Application of Foam Glass in Pains and Wallpapers




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