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Thermal insulation

Expanded Glass Beads in Thermal Insulation

The Thermal Insulation Material – Expanded Glass Beads features a unique combination of foam glass properties ensuring a wide range of applications. Its main field of application could be universal thermal insulation in industrial, civil, housing, and utility, agriculture and individual construction, where the combination of its environmental cleanliness, inertness (resistance) to aggressive media, high corrosion resistance, and thermal insulating properties are particularly important. In all of the following areas the application of foam glass provides an increase of structural reliability, cost saving, and a rise of your business to a whole new level.

The basic potential consumers of foam glass are:

  • Construction companies (residential and industrial buildings, roads, pipelines to municipal services); industrial, civil, and road construction enterprises;
  • Individual construction; Housing and utilities; Agriculture; Recommended for renovation and insulation of industrial roofs, insulation of walls of houses, sports flooring (for tennis courts and stadiums); in agriculture, for insulation (including thermal insulation of objects with aggressive media), and others.
  • Other enterprises (power, chemical, petrochemical, machinery, mining, food, paper, pharmaceutical, transport, and pipeline industry).

Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 is completely safe, easy to handle and combines an environmentally compatible material with sustainable characteristics when used as loose fills for thermal insulation. It provides a reliable and environmentally friendly thermal and sound insulation of hollow spaces and walls, ceilings and floors beam.

Benefits of Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 as thermal and sound insulation fills

  • Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 simply poured out of the package in a convenient space to provide insulation.
  • Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 perfectly fills uneven curved void space.
  • Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 is a health-friendly, does not contain polymers and mineral fibers and has a neutral smell, there is no need for high price hermetic isolation.
  • Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 is a lightweight material, so it is suitable perfectly for beam ceiling insulation and using for an old building structures.
  • Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 is a moisture resistance.
  • Expanded Glass Beads GB-1 is an air-penetrable.

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Expanded Glass beads for Thermal insulation Lose fillLOOSE FILL THERMAL INSULATION

Expanded glass beads GB-1 has great free-flowing properties due to its spherical shape and easily fills every void in beamed ceilings, floors and walls for thermal insulation. It is also very easy to cover pipes and cable ducts. Facing formwork for vertical interior insulation can be easily backfilled too. The environmentally friendly Expanded glass beads GB-1 fill is very light, non-combustible, moisture-resistant and provides long-term stability.

Expanded Glass beads for Thermal insulation Cement-Bound Fills


Expanded glass beads GB-1 cement-bound fills combine structural and thermal performance. It can be used as lightweight screed to adjust the height of floors or as levelling fill over cables and pipelines. Thanks to its low weight and moisture resistance, it can also be used on vaulted and trapezoidal steel ceilings and as a non-combustible pipe duct insulation. The easy handling and quick drying properties reduce man hours spent on the construction project.

Expanded Glass beads for Thermal insulation Resin-Bound FillsRESIN-BOUND FILLS

Expanded glass beads GB-1 is ideal as a lightweight, resin-bound drainage screed for roof terraces and balconies. As a cement-free and water-permeable system, problems such as efflorescence and frost damage can so be effectively avoided. Expanded glass beads GB-1, as a resin-bound fill, is also ideally suited as thermally insulating slope screed on flat roofs or as a lightweight marine screed.

Expanded Glass beads for Thermal insulation


Because of its very low thermal conductivity, its high grain strength and the resistance to heat, moisture and rodents, Expanded glass beads GB-1  is ideal as an insulation material for all kinds of heat storage systems. The ease of use and the fact that it can be conveyed by air from bulk silo trucks are further advantages.




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