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Cenospheres in Oilfield

Cenospheres in Oilfield

The predominant market for microspheres (cenospheres) are the businesses involved in the oil and gas industry.

In the oil and gas industry aluminosilicate microspheres (cenospheres) are used as an additive in drilling mud when drilling wells for various purposes. This application significantly increases the efficiency and service life of the drilling equipment.

In addition, drill microsphere solutions also increase the intensity of the drilling wells.

Furthermore, lightweight well cement based on microspheres is used by the oil and gas companies.

Well cement is used in the gas and oil production process for filling the space between the wellbore and the casing to protect against groundwater or separation of oil reservoirs i.e. plugging oil and gas wells.

Well cement is prepared with a gypsum stone grinding additive in the amount of 2.0-3.5% of the weight of the cement clinker as well as small amounts of other minerals.

Wells plugging slurry is made (without sand being added) with a water content in the solution of up to 50% of the total cement weight.

In addition, incorporating the microspheres (cenospheres) to the cement solutions provides a stable, heat-insulating, rapidly hardening material with a consistent bonding to the reservoir casing.
The microspheres (cenospheres)are also used in the manufacture of the lightweight grouting mixtures, acid-grouting compounds and liquids for the damping of oil, gas and gas condensate wells.

Cenospheres in oil and gas industry (oilfield)

Cenoapheres in oil and gas industry 2




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