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Cenospheres in Chemical industry

Microspheres in Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, microspheres are used as catalysts, crushing substances, defoamers etc. Some applications of cenospheres are described below.

  • Non-cryogenic method for producing helium. Non-cryogenic method of helium extraction from natural gas is based on the selective absorption of this element by cenospheres in the course of the base mixture passing through an adsorption column filled with microspheres. The technology which is being developed now will make it possible to locate helium production installations directly on gas fields.
  • A catalyst for biological wastewater treatment. The catalyst is used for neutralization of toxic inorganic and organic impurities in wastewater at biological purification stage. It can be used in the petrochemical, oil refining, chemical, pulp, and paper industries, as well as at any other industrial enterprise that has a biological treatment plant.
  • An emulsion explosive sensitizer. The microspheres are considered as a substitute for ammonium nitrate as sensitizer in the emulsion explosive during drilling-and-blasting operations.

application of microspheres in chemical industry

application of microspheres in chemical industry




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