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Reagent Dismiss-10®

Reagent Dismiss-10® 

Dismiss-10® it is a mixture of chemicals designed to release stuck drill pipes, as well as to prepare buffer and displacement fluids.


 Supplied in 227-liter drums


Remacid-10® is opaque brown liquid.


Surfactant components emulsify the solid phase contained in the drilling fluid and water in the oil phase, allowing oil to penetrate between the porous formations and the drill pipe, resulting in pressure equalization around the pipe.
The high lubricating power of Dismiss-10® makes it possible to free the stuck pipe.
The preparation contains a metal-wetting reagent to reduce the braking torque, which is necessary to free the pipe. Dismiss-10® is also used to prepare viscous invert emulsion-based spacers for displacement and cementing operations.
Chemical nature: a mixture of surfactants, hydrocarbon and oxygen-containing solvents and a mineral-type viscosity regulator.


AppearanceOpaque brown liquid
Specific gravity, g/cm3:1.04-1.06
Viscosity, cps10-20
Solubility:insoluble in water, readily dispersed in mineral
oils and solvents




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