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BPN international is a worldwide trusted of applied chemicals for the industry. We mainly serve the petroleum, petrochemical, construction, road construction, and marine industries, among others.

Our main target it to deliver guaranteed quality products to our clients, no matter where they need them. Our clients are located worldwide, on 5 continents.

Working with the best suppliers of raw materials in Russia we are able to guarantee superior quality of our products at very competitive prices. Door-to-door delivery is our advantage. It’s hassle-free, right to your warehouse.

This is BPN international.




Serdobolskaya str., 64, St.Petersburg, Russia
Phone: (812) 648-0096
Fax: (812) 703-8505
Время работы: 10:00-18:00(+3 GMT)
web: https://bpn-international.com
email: info@bpn-international.com


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