Применение СинАсфальта в бурении

Application Synthetic asphalt in Oilfield


  • Stabilizer holes

Synthetic asphalt’s stabilizer hole – a natural asphalt premium, pre-mixed with selected high-temperature resin. Synthetic asphalt’s stabilizer has variable orifices softening point in the range from 400 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic asphalt’s stabilizer hole is a natural solid carbonaceous material asfaltit’s produced at some mines of Iran.

Synthetic asphalt’s stabilizer openings has significant advantages compared with the blow, rough, chemically modified or sulfonated asphalt materials. ATDM conducted extensive testing of bitumen and stabilizer Synthetic asphalt’s holes, the results of which were published in the edition of the SPE “drilling engineer” in 2006 under the name “New laboratory tests to assess the effectiveness Synthetic asphalt’s stabilizing resin as the stabilizer holes of the well hole.” This publication states that the results of extensive testing show that the treated asphalt and sulfonated materials generally have a higher degree of solubility, and as such are ineffective in plugging of apertures borehole surface. Further testing revealed that asphalt products have a deeper penetration into the medium under investigation.

  • Synthetic asphalt – a unique supplement for wells (plugging) cement

Since Synthetic asphalt, a solid hydrocarbon, has been introduced into the oil industry in August 1957, in the cement additive as several thousand work was done with this material. These operations included primary cementing circulation through loss of surface area, production pipes in one and several stages, and various repairs, such as compression, re-filling cementing with insufficient, a new connection and a mud circulation recovery. Designed primarily as a solution, combining the low density and the ability to control the lost circulation, Synthetic asphalt showed excellent results in areas of unconsolidated formation as well as in other types of lost circulation zones. The results of field studies usually show that the filling of 80-90% can be obtained in the areas where filling other types of slurries could only be 50-60%.

The unique properties of Synthetic asphalt, such as low specific gravity, particle size distribution, impermeability to corrosive fluids stability, chemical inertness and low water demand result in the cement slurry having exceptional binding properties, low weight slurry compatibility with other additives for cement solutions, as well as relatively high compressive strength in comparison with other solutions of the same cement weight.




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