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Other Application of EGB

Other Application of Expanded Glass Beads (Poraver Analogue)

Expanded glass beads (Poraver Analogue) are produced from natural opal-cristobalite rocks, i.e., cellular inorganic material. It is as environmentally safe as ordinary glass. The environmental friendliness of the foam glass makes possible its wide application in food and pharmaceutical industries.

As lightweight filler in model construction, decorative material, plant granulate, prefabricated sanitary components or demineralization compress for historic masonry, Expanded glass beads optimizes products in many different ways. There are many fields of applications. Just tell us exactly what you are looking for.

Expanded glass beads - Poraver Analogue

Expanded glass beads is used in plant substrates and soils to improve the air and water capacity.

Poraver Analogue - Expanded Glass Beads

Expanded glass beads is used for prefabricated sanitary installation elements. Expanded glass beads as non-combustible material substitutes plastic foam.

EGB - Poraver Analogue

Colored and coated Expanded gllass beads is perfectly suitable for decorative purposes




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