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Dry Mortar

Expanded Glass Beads in Dry Mortar

Expanded glass beads GB-1 is a lightweight aggregate in dry mortar (adhesives, plasters, fillers). Expanded glass beads GB-1 is perfectly combined with lime, cement and other binders. The precise round grain shape and low density optimize the formulation and the physical properties and performance of the final product.

Expanded Glass Beads in Floor

Screed floors and leveling courses

The use of GB-1 Expanded Glass Beads in leveling courses can significantly improve the thermal and sound insulation characteristics of premises with a reduction of the mass and application thickness. Handling of GB-1 does not require special qualification of  the personnel and can increase the construction rate due to the application of mechanical techniques. The self-leveling of screed floors is substantially facilitated by the spherical shape of GB-1. The “adhesion” effect between the strainer and application surface is increased along with the drying rate.

Expanded Glass Beads in Lightweight tile adhesives and putties

Lightweight tile adhesives and putties

Tiles are generally used as floor and wall covering in locations subjected to increased load, high humidity, and outdoor conditions.

High quality adhesive compounds with fine spherical grains of foam glass provide additional damping and noise insulation, increasing the application rate and service life of the coating.

The uniform grain size distribution of GB-1 foam glass granulate allows to accurately maintain the compositional uniformity and excellent workability of the putty.

Expanded Glass Beads in Masonry and special cement mortars

Masonry and special cement mortars

With GB-1 Expanded Glass Beads filler, masonry mortar is no longer a thermal bridge reducing the heat resistance of the walls. All grain properties are reflected in the mortar, providing a comfortable indoor climate. GB-1 Expanded Glass Beads perfectly combine with other lightweight fillers, improving their properties in the mortar. Another field of filler application is special mortars designed for filling spaces between structural panels, gaps or clearances, and repair mortars.

Expanded Glass Beads in Insulating Plasters

Insulating Plasters

Thermal insulating plasters with a foam glass filler feature:

  • Low water absorption: water flow rate and drying time are reduced;
  • Fire resistance: NG (non-combustible) flammability class;
  • Resistance to UV radiation;
  • Resistance to biological effects (fungus and rodents);
  • Non-shrinking: grain size does not change over time, which can prevent crack formation and shrinkage;
  • Manual and machine application options: grain strength facilitates mechanical mixing and plaster application;
  • Environment friendly. Foam glass consists of 100% inorganic materials (glass), which makes it an absolutely environmentally friendly material unlike mineral wool and foam polystyrene.
  • Good sound absorption (due to its fine-grained structure);
  • Allows to formulate plasters with particular grain sizes;
  • Useful life is 40 years, overhaul life is 10 years




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